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An educational and a social institution has entered the world of knowledge from its wide gates; an institution that is based on building a strong community, whose individuals acquire unique skills in all the fields of education. Individuals who are ready to fight ignorance through knowledge, ideals and strong personalities. These words and actions find its place at "ALBAYAN SCHOOLS".

Albayan Schools started its journey of knowledge in 1994 where kindergarten and elementary sections were the only classes in the school. In 1995, the intermediate classes took place after the great success it achieved. With time, the world of knowledge has asked for more students from our school. Thus, the one building became two, and the three floors became five. The first branch asked for another, and here appeared the second branch (2006) under the name of Albayan High School.

The principal and the owner of the schools Mr. Ali Abdel Sater has been working since 1994, without hesitation, on the students' personalities and results as the main goal. He has worked on rigorous and comprehensive educational programs for the benefits of the students. As a result, the second High School Branch was constructed (2006) after the great success of the first branch (1994). Besides, technology has been playing a great role in our school; starting from the OHP (over head projector) and never ending with the IWB (interactive white board).

It is not surprising to see "AlBayan Schools" occupying extraordinary levels among the other well-known schools in Lebanon. Our efforts and successes are clearly shown in the following table (Each year, more than 140 students graduate. And here is the table of the students' results according to official documents):




Place (among all schools)

Kind of certification


Top ten students

Mt. Lebanon

Official Certification



Mt. Lebanon

Official Certification




Official Certification



Mt. Lebanon (local competitions)



Now, these are the main standards we always work on, and what makes us special is the exceptional relation and trust the parents have planted in our school and the results they've maintained.

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