Your child’s formative years require experiences that encourage a love of learning. That calls for the safe and loving environment offered at Albayan Schools. Of course, academics are also of the utmost importance during this time, and we deliver by using a unique and successful approach.

Private Elementary School Education in Beirut

The elementary school phase includes grades 1-6 and is divided into two cycles. The first cycle is for children ages 6 through 8, and the second cycle is for children ages 9 through 11. This allows us to meet specific goals with students based on their age and ability.

Albayan elementary school students are exposed to a rich curriculum that includes field trips to broaden student knowledge as well as an end of the year school play to expose them to the arts.

Students in both cycles are taught science, math, and other basics such as Arabic, English, and French (parents choose between English and French as a major language in preschool and the other is taught as a secondary, so all students receive instruction in three languages total). Students who take French as a major will be prepared to take The Delf Exam at the French embassy during their second cycle.

Continuous Evaluation System

We have found that a continuous evaluation system has proven more beneficial for students than an exhausting midterm exam-based system. This has led to remarkable advancement for our students in everything from the sciences to social skills without the strain of mid-year testing.

To help our continuous evaluation system to provide the most benefit for your child, please follow up on his or her agenda and encourage your young one to take each assignment seriously. Every assignment counts and will thus be graded to be taken into consideration in conjunction with the student’s ongoing evaluation.

The continuous evaluation system is just one more thing that helps Albayan Schools to provide a unique educational environment where your kids can grow and thrive!

Elementary School Curriculum
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