Secondary education includes a three years education for students of ages 16-17-18. It’s composed of general education: humanities, economics, life sciences, and general sciences. Head of the secondary department decides students’ path according to the results students show in this phase. When students complete three years education, they take official Lebanese Baccalaureate exams; Students who finish examinations successfully obtain the Lebanese Baccalaureate Certificate of Secondary Education.

Moreover, students in this stage are to undergo the SAT in order to get enrolled at the university. Our students are guaranteed to score high grades as they are fully adapted with the techniques they should be using during this test.

Albayan schools work with various prestigious universities in Lebanon to conduct orientations in the school, as well as introducing all majors available in Lebanon; this will help students meet with the university up-close and are then able to choose the major they would like to study. Students at Albayan also take part of the annual LAU Model United Nations.

Albayan Schools are an official registration centre for the IELTS exam.

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