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Welcome to Albayan Schools

Education for life

Albayan Schools have branches in Amrousieh and Hadat, Beirut. We offer private education to local students and those from abroad from preschool to secondary level.

Both branches cover Preschool, Elementary and Middle Cycle. Secondary Cycle is covered in our Hadat branch only.

We are committed to providing a well-rounded, inclusive education that prepares students not only for exams, but for life. Our approach nurtures creative thinkers who are self-motivated and resilient with the confidence to take on new challenges.


Give your child the best start in life so they can fulfil their potential. Our personalized approach to early education, with small classrooms and one-on-one support provides our youngest students with the learning opportunities and experiences they need for a successful school career and bright future.

Elementary Cycle

Your child’s formative years are when they develop enthusiasm for learning. The Albayan approach is based on a structure and curriculum that not only embraces each student’s skills and capabilities, but also eases the pressures usually felt from traditional testing techniques. Our goal is to sow a passion for academics that will reap an ongoing love of learning in the future.

Middle Cycle

This pivotal period in your child’s education is a balance between focusing on the standardized tests needed to proceed within the system and nurturing an overall enjoyment of learning. At Albayan, we take both extremely seriously, helping all our students excel in every way.

Secondary Cycle

The last three years of school set the foundation for the coming college years. Through a versatile and varied curriculum, we help our secondary students focus on their upcoming Baccalaureate and SAT exams while guiding them to make the right choices for the next phase of their life.