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Secondary Cycle

At Albayan, we make sure that each of our students’ final years with us are an accumulation of years of learning experience and result in a lifelong passion for learning. With their college years around the corner, we aim to send them into the world with confidence, strength and motivation.

Secondary education is a three-year program for students aged 15 to 17, composed of general education including the humanities, economics, life sciences, and general sciences. The head of the Secondary Division decides each student’s path according to the results they achieve in this phase.

When students complete the three years, they sit the Lebanese Baccalaureate exams. Students who complete the exams successfully will receive the Lebanese Baccalaureate Certificate of Secondary Education.

During this stage, students will also sit their SAT, which is required for all university enrollments. Our students are guaranteed to score high grades as they fully understand and can apply the techniques required to succeed.

Albayan Schools work with a selection of prestigious Lebanese universities who conduct orientations at the school, introducing the students to all the majors they can potentially apply for. This gives our students an immediate and immersive introduction to a wide choice of universities, while also helping them choose their area of study.