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The Preschool Environment

Albayan Schools’ preschool classrooms are considered to have some of the highest standards in the country. We aim to create a space in which children feel comfortable enough to try new things, test out their ideas, and carry through with whatever their imaginations can conceive.

Our classrooms continually evolve to include features that benefit the children educationally, socially, and physically. Just some of the features our classrooms enjoy are:

  • Teacher desk area and board. This small area is where we keep our sign-in sheets, calendars, student directories, and binders of important information. The white board helps avoid dust and uses different markers to point at different images.
  • Bulletin boards that display the students’ accomplishments, class regulations, and information.
  • Student cubbies where students hang their backpacks, jackets, and take off their shoes. We also use the cubbies to distribute their communication folders and take-home papers each day.
  • Snack area where students have their meals in class under the supervision of a homeroom teacher.
  • Workspace and mini library where children can, with a teacher’s help, explore their interests by enjoying a wide variety of print books and audio books.
  • Study tables of high quality and design in various sizes, shapes and colors that give students a comfortable place to focus and work.
  • Every class is equipped with a TV, recorder, Bluetooth, and other digital equipment where necessary as students learn from what they see and hear especially through digital media.

Our playgrounds and outdoor play equipment offers children the opportunity to get fresh air, play with their friends, have fun, and exercise. We make the playground entertaining and safe for your children by checking equipment for possible hazards and following simple safety guidelines.

Here are our playground safety standards and rules:

  • A homeroom teacher is present at all times in the playground to ensure safety.
  • Children are taught how to play safely because if they know the rules they are less likely to get hurt.
  • No pushing or roughhousing while on slides, seesaws, swings, or other equipment.
  • Always check to make sure no other children are in the way before using equipment.
  • Use equipment properly — slide feet-first, don't climb outside guardrails, no standing on swings, etc.
  • When jumping off equipment or slides, land on both feet with knees slightly bent.
  • Leave backpacks and bags away from the equipment and the play area so that no one trips over them.
  • Never use playground equipment that's wet because moisture makes the surfaces slippery.
  • Check playground equipment in the summertime to make sure it is not too hot for use.
  • Wear clothes that don’t have drawstrings or cords. Drawstrings, cords and necklaces could get caught on equipment or accidentally hurt or strangle a child.
  • The equipment present in the playground meets the standards of basic safety and is anchored to ground to avoid any sudden loosening.
  • The ground is covered with green artificial turf that protects children from harming themselves.

We aim to give your child a well-rounded exposure to the world. From covering a variety of subjects in the classroom to engaging them during school trips, the Albayan early learning years are filled with tangible opportunities for knowledge and skills’ development.

From the moment your child arrives at Albayan, we strive to offer them a journey of learning, focusing on more than just academics. We aim to give them the tools that will enhance their cultural, social, humanitarian and spiritual development.