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Health and Safety Policy

Albayan Schools have an important role to play in equipping children with the knowledge, attitudes and skills they need to protect their health; for example, practising basic hygiene and sanitation, and making healthy decisions.

As children grow into young adults, they can play leadership roles in creating healthy environments, such as advocating for a tobacco-free community. Our Health Program consists of school health services and health education. This includes health education campaigns and training teachers in school health.

Albayan Schools promote health education by:

  • Ensuring special provision for those with permanent, long-term diseases (e.g., asthma or diabetes) and physical disabilities, where the school has the facilities to provide support.
  • Monitoring the students’ health (e.g., taking temperatures, being alert for flu symptoms).
  • Making sure that students have received all their vaccinations.
  • Due to the Covid-19 pandemic extra precautions are taken:
  • Sterilizing materials and people who enter school with specialized devices and products.
  • Checking temperatures of all students, staff, and visitors.
  • Monitoring any abnormal symptoms or flu symptoms.
  • Students or members of the public who show any signs or symptoms of flu or illness will not be allowed to enter the school unless checked and reported by both their private doctor and the school health department (if necessary).

All our procedures follow current government Covid-19 guidance:

Notes for parents:

  • Preschool and elementary cycle students may not bring games or umbrellas to school.
  • Jackets during winter must not be colorful.