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Pupil Attendance and Absence Policy

Attendance is taken at the beginning of each day and after recess (noting those with urgent permissions for their absence), resulting in every child receiving two half-day marks.

If your child is going to be absent from school, (e.g. for an unavoidable appointment) then you should notify the school as soon as possible.

If your child has been absent due to an unexpected event such as bereavement or illness, then you must notify the school on the first day of absence in accordance with the school’s attendance policy.

The school records every absence. Should you fail to notify the school as to why your child has not been present, then the school may record that period of absence as being unauthorized.

Please refrain from scheduling medical appointments for your child during school hours. The Head of Division can make arrangements with you in case of emergency.

The Head of Division has access to all attendance information for each student and if your child is missing school without good reason, the school has the authority to inquire why, and take the necessary steps.

Within the scholastic year, if the student misses classes for more than 10 days, then parents and students should submit to school policies and procedures accordingly.